Frequently Asked Questions


Q: AMENITY HOURS: What are the hours for the sports courts and play areas?

A: Fitness Center: 5:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

     Social Club facility: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

     Pools: Dawn to dusk

     Playground: Dawn to dusk

     Splash Park: Dawn to dusk

     Tennis, Volleyball, Bocce, Basketball, Pickleball: Daylight hours

     Dog Parks: Daylight hours


Q: SOCIAL: How much is it to rent the social main hall and how many people does it hold?

A: The cost to rent the Social main hall is $200 for eight hours.   A $500 rental deposit is required, which is fully refundable if no damage occurred during the rental. Two checks are required each made out to Grand Palm HOA  and are required at time of booking.   There is also a rental application to be filled out and turned in with the deposit. Maximum capacity is 130 for the social main hall.

Q: FITNESS CENTER: What are the hours that the fitness center is open?

A: Hours are Mon-Sun 5:00 am to 10:00 pm.

GUESTS: Can my guests use the amenities?

A: Members must accompany their guests when they use any of the Grand Palm amenities. Guests are limited to 6 per household at any given time. Guests should be issued a temporary identification card which can be obtained in the Social Club during regular business hours. Guests without a Grand Palm ID card will be asked to leave the amenities. Fobs are required to gain access when using the facilities. 

Fitness Center: persons between age 10-14 must be accompanied by an adult. Persons under the age of 10 are prohibited from using fitness equipment.

 Q: POOLS: Are there lifeguards at the pools?

A: There are no lifeguards at any pool. 

 Q: WIFI: Is there wifi available at the amenities?

A: There is wifi at the Palm House Fitness center, and the Social Club.

     User ID: Grand_Palm     Pswd: No password required, just acknowledge the terms.



 Q: ARC: what is an ARC application and when would I need to complete one?

A: An ARC application is for any change being made to the outside of your home. Constructing a pool or extending a lanai, painting your home, changing size and shape of planting beds as well as completely tearing out existing landscape plants to replace with others, tree removal and/or replacement.

Q: ARC REQUEST: Where do I find the ARC Application Form?

A: ARC Application Forms can be found on the TownSQ portal under Documents/ Architectural Review, or you may pick up a form at the Social club.   

Q: ARC: are there any fees for submitting an ARC application?

A: There is no application fee, however, a $1000.00 refundable deposit is required for any project that would disrupt irrigation lines. i.e... Lanai extensions, pool installations.

Q: ARC: how long does it take for an ARC application to receive approval?

A: ARC applications should be submitted one week in advance of the posted scheduled meeting by noon.   All requests, whether approved or denied, will be logged by management and a written/email notification will be issued to the homeowner.

Q: ARC: if I replace my windows, do I need to complete an ARC application?

 A:  YES.   If you replace your windows with the exact same style and model, you still need to submit an ARC application.   



 Q: DECORATIONS: What are the guidelines for outside decorations?

Decorative items are permitted with certain restrictions.

Decorative entry items should be limited to 2 and may include a combination of benches and/or potted plants.

Accessory structures, sculptures and bird baths, English globes and fountains are prohibited in the front yard.

Holiday decorations:  Christmas decorations may be displayed from Thanksgiving Day until January 15. All other holiday decorations may be displayed three weeks before the holiday and one week after the holiday.

Q: FENCES: Are fences allowed?

A: There are some homes approved for fence installation.  Please see the Fence Guidelines on the TownSQ portal under Documents / Architectural Review for more information.  An ARC application is required  to submit for approval if your home is eligible .

Q: FLAGS: May we put out American Flags on our home or lot?

A: American Flags may be attached to the house or garage to hold a flag which is no larger than 3' x5'. The American flag must be flown in accordance with Federal Statutes.

Q: LANDSCAPE: what are the landscaping guidelines?

Please refer to the Approved Plant List on the TownSQ portal under Architectural Review.

Q: PAINT: Do we have to stay within a certain color scheme if we want to paint the exterior of our house?

There are a few approved color schemes for each model of home. Please contact the Compliance Coordinator for the approved list.

Q: POOLS: Can I install a swimming pool or hot tub at my home?

A: Above-ground pools are prohibited. In-ground pools, Hot tubs, therapy pools and hydro-spas are allowed as approved by the ARC. Pool cages or screened cages on any lot shall not exceed the height of the home and must use materials and colors approved by the ARC.



 Q: FISH: Where can I fish in Grand Palm?

A: There are several ponds where one can fish. Fishing behind any home is not allowed, even if it is  at your own home. The HOA maintains a 5 foot easement around all ponds so no homeowners lot actually goes to the ponds edge.

There are also two fishing piers on Lookout Point Island.  A Fishing Map showing the designated area is on the TownSQ portal under Association Documents/Maps.   Please remember there are alligators in the ponds, so always stay alert.


Q: GATE ACCESS: What is the procedure for gaining entrance gate access for myself? For visitors?

A: Envera Systems is the virtual gate guard. Upon closing on your home, you will receive two gate stickers (transponder) that you affix to your vehicles for gate access. Once you are registered with Envera, you will be provided a login to the Envera web portal, where you can maintain a list of guests and provide gate entry access.  You can view the instructional pamphlet on the TownSQ portal under Association Documents/ Envera.    When a guest arrives, they utilize the kiosks placed at all the gates, where a virtual attendant will assist them.

If you need to order additional transponders, you may do so by visiting the management office at the Social Club.  The cost is $25 each payable by check or money order only. Checks are to be made payable to Grand Palm HOA. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.



 Q: CABLE: Who is the cable tv and internet providers available in Grand Palm?

A: Both Xfinity/Comcast and Frontier are available.

Q: FOB KEY: What is the Fob Key used for? How do I get one?

A: Fob Keys are used to gain access to all the amenities. You will receive two Fob Keys at your closing. If you need additional Fobs, go to the management office at the Social Club.    Cost of additional Fobs are $25 each. Checks are to be made payable to Grand Palm HOA. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Q: ID BADGE: How do I get an ID Badge and what are they used for?

A: Grand Palm photo ID cards are required when utilizing the amenities. You may not give your photo ID to other persons, like guests or tenants. Guests wishing to utilize any amenity need a temporary ID card available at the Social Club office. Guests staying for an extended period of time (greater than 5 days) will be given a Grand Palm ID on a lanyard, they will be permitted to use the amenities without a member accompanying them.

Send a photo of anyone living in your household that is 10yrs or older to Jordan Francoletti at

Jordan will print them and email you when they are finished. They are to be picked up at the Social Club during normal business hours.

Q: MAILBOXES: Where is my mailbox?

A: Cluster Mailbox Units (CBU) are located throughout the community. Please refer to your purchase deed for location. You will receive 2 keys to your mailbox upon closing.

All mail is delivered to your assigned mailbox, packages will either be left in your box, in the parcel lock box at the CBU or if too large, will be delivered to your door. There is also an outgoing mail slot at the CBU.

If you lose your keys, a fee of $35.00 is required payable to Grand Palm to change the locks. The postmaster will have to be scheduled to assist in opening the box while the locks are being changed.   

Q: MAINTENANCE ISSUES: What do I do if I need to report a maintenance issue at an amenity or common area?

A: For maintenance issues at any amenity, gates or common area please use the REQUEST FORMS work order system on the portal to submit your request. 


Q: SECURITY: Is there security that patrols Grand Palm?

A: No, there is no security patrols at this time.  If you need assistance with a security issue, depending on the issue, please contact the Property Manager or Sarasota County Sheriff's Department.

Q: SELLING HOMES: Are there rules for selling my home?

A: You do not need to notify management if you are selling your property. Open houses are permitted during the county ordinance time periods daily. For sale signs and Open House signs must be the ARC approved sign and can be purchased by calling 941-922-1563.  Realtors do not need to sign in with management.

Q: TRASH: When is trash and recycling picked up? Are there special bins?

 A: The community requires that bins not be put out earlier than 6pm the night before collection and removed no later than noon on the following day. All garbage, trash, refuse, rubbish or recycling materials must be stored inside the garages and kept in a clean condition with no noxious or offensive odors emanating therefrom.

Trash and recycling collection is weekly on Friday.  Trash can be put out in any covered waste can or plastic garbage bags, recyclables must be placed in the blue covered recycling cart provided. Yard waste should be placed in paper yard waste bags or designated containers and placed out on curb with other trash.

You may contact Waste Management at 941-861-5000, for information on pick up of bulk items like furniture, appliances, moving boxes.

 Q: UTILITIES: Are any utilities included in my HOA fees?

A: No, utilities for each home are the homeowner's responsibility to maintain and/or repair (This includes, water, gas, electric and sewer)

FPL (Florida Power & Light) is our electric company.

Sarasota County Public Utilities is for water and sewer.



 Q: FIRE PITS: Are fire pits allowed?

A: Yes, the only restriction is they must be able to be stored out of site when not in use.

 Q: GARAGE DOORS: What are the rules regarding garage doors?

A: Garage doors shall be kept in a closed position when not in use for ingress or egress. Retractable garage door screens are not permitted.

 Q: GARAGE SALES: Do I need permission to hold a garage sale?

A: No garage sale or yard sale may be conducted on any lot within the subdivision without prior approval of the Neighborhood and Master Associations. The Association does hold a community wide garage sale annually.

Q: NOISE RULES: what are the restriction hours that residents are allowed to make noise? Like for renovations.

A: The Sarasota County noise ordinances state as follows: 60 dBA or 65 dBC during the hours between 7am and 10pm.

 Q: PLANTS: Do we need approval if we are removing plants or trees and replacing them with plants on the approved plant list?

A: If you are changing the plant/tree with a different type you must get ARC approval.  

 Q: PLAY EQUIPMENT: Are we allowed to put out children’s play equipment or basketball hoops on our lot?

A: No play equipment, tot lot or similar structures are allowed without prior ARC approval. Basketball hoops must be portable and stored out of sight when not in use. Permanent (affixed to house) basketball hoops are not allowed.

 Q: SOLAR: Can I use solar panels for heating my pool or as an alternative energy source?

A: Solar panels are allowed, they shall be installed and maintained so as not to be visible from the street upon which the dwelling fronts, unless specifically authorized by the ARC.



 Q: ADDRESS: What is the address of the HOA office?

A: The General Manager and Administrative Assistant are located at the Social Club, 1900 Observation Blvd. Venice, FL  34293.  Mailing address: 1315 Observation Blvd.

 Q: ANNUAL MEETING: When is the annual meeting held?

A: The Master Board and all three Neighborhood boards will hold their annual meeting in the month of November. At this time the annual budget will be adopted and if it is an election year, the election ballots tallied and new board members elected.

 Q: ASSESSMENTS: Are there any special assessments I should be aware of?

A: At this time there are no special assessments. You can review the budget on the HOA Documents page. The Boards while budgeting for the future year, could determine that an assessment is needed to meet the financial responsibilities of the Association.

 Q: BOARD: When are the HOA Board meetings held?

A: In season, board meetings are typically held every month, in the off season they may alternate months.

Q: BUDGET: When is the annual budget available?

A: The fiscal year ends on December 31st. The new budget is adopted during the Annual meeting in November. You can find the budgets and financial reports on the TownSQ portal Documents page.

Q: COMMITTEES: How do I learn about the Committees and who to contact?

A: The Committees in Grand Palm all fall under the Master Board. You can find their charter on the portal under Committee Charters.

 Q: HOA FEES: When are my fees due and how do I pay?

A: Both the Master and your Neighborhood fees are due quarterly on the 1st of the month.  If you wish to mail a payment in, you will receive coupon books in December with your account information and the mailing addresses.

 Q: PAYMENT: How do I see my HOA account, and can I pay online?

A: You will have two HOA accounts. One for the Master HOA fees and a second for the Neighborhood you live in. There is information on your Profile page.   The page labeled Payment will have a link to your Neighborhood and Master accounts and an optional pay online link.



 Q: GENERATORS: What are the rules regarding using a generator?

A: Generators are to be used for emergency purposes and only when commercial electrical power is not available. Generators may be operated once a week for test and maintenance purposes, but for no longer than 15 minutes and only on weekdays between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Q: HURRICANE: What do I do in the event of a hurricane?

A: Please remain calm and watch the local news stations for directions. In the event it is advised that you should prepare for a hurricane making landfall in our area, you can put up your hurricane shutters, secure any loose outdoor pots, hoses, furniture, umbrellas.

 Q: STORM SHUTTERS: What are the rules for putting up storm shutters?

A: Storm shutters may only be placed on a structure once a storm warning is issued by the appropriate authority and must not remain on the structure more than seven (7) days after the storm event.



 Q: IRRIGATION: Where is the shutoff valve for my irrigation?

A: Every home is connected to the community irrigation lines. All homes will have 2 or 3 irrigation valve boxes in either their front or rear yards with a series of shutoff valves. These boxes will be at ground level. To access, lift the lid and you will find a lever valve shutoff.

If your irrigation does not turn off at the end of its cycle, first check your Rainbird controller, if that is off and your irrigation is still running, go to valve boxes and switch the valves off until the water stops, then put in a service request with your landscaper.

Q: LANDSCAPE SERVICE: Are landscaping and irrigation services provided to homeowners?

A: If you live in a villa, cottage or an area of single-family homes designated as "Maintenance Assisted" homes, then basic landscaping and irrigation services are provided and are a part of your quarterly HOA fees. The current contracted landscaper is Juniper Landscaping, and you can contact them directly to request additional service or report an issue on their juniper sync portal.

Juniper Landscape also provides landscaping maintenance for common areas in the community. All other homeowners are responsible for their properties, landscaping and irrigation.

 Q: LANDSCAPE: How do I report a landscape or irrigation problem?

A: Juniper Landscape is our landscaper for common areas and for maintenance assist homes. For individual residential home services, you may report issues through their web portal.   



 Q: GATES: Who do we contact to report one of the entry gates is not working?

A: Please use the REQUEST FORMS on the TownSQ portal to report maintenance issues with gates, amenities, or common areas.


 Q: HOMES: How many homes are in Grand Palm?

A: There are plans to have 1736 at build-out. 

Q: NEIGHBORHOOD: What neighborhood do I live in?

A: Grand Palm is made up of 3 separate neighborhoods, each with their own Board of Directors.

N1 (Neighborhood 1): Alachua Ln, Anclote Ct, Altamonte Ct, Aucilla Dr, Avon Park Ct, Brevard, Calhoun Ct, Callaway Ct, Collier Pl, Fakahatchee Ct, Ft. Lauderdale Pl, Hendry Loop, Marathon Cr, Okaloosa Dr, Sagewood Dr, Sandal Foot Dr, Sebring Ln, Shimmering Oak Cr, 1282-1418 Still River, 12087- 12192 Stuart, Wakulla Pl, Winter Park Ct

N2 (Neighborhood 2): Beacon Sq, Chatahootchee, Davie Ct, Destin Loop, Dunedin St, Ft. Myers, Gainesville Pl, Harney St, Hunters Creek, Lynn Haven, St. Petersburg, 1600-1785 Still River, 12200- 12885 Stuart, Wacissa

N3 (Neighborhood 3): Auburndale Ct, Cedar Key Way, Frostproof Way, Lake Placid Dr, Palatka Dr, Steinhatchee Loop, Trailwood Dr



Q: PARKING: If I live in a Cottage home, are we allowed to park in the parking spaces in front of our home?

A: The off-street parking spaces in front of the Cottages on Sagewood Dr and Shimmering Oak Cr are intended for the use of Cottage home resident’s guests or for the purpose of loading and unloading only (ie: delivery vehicles).  They are not for long-term parking of any resident. When using, vehicles should be parked in the same direction as traffic.


Q: PARKING: Is parking in the street allowed?

A: All vehicles owned by residents must be garaged or parked in the driveway. Vehicles may park in the street during daytime hours. No vehicles will be allowed to be parked in the street overnight. Vehicles must never be parked in front of or near mailboxes to allow delivery of mail.

No boats, trucks over 3/4 tons, commercial vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles, or other motor vehicles except four wheel passenger automobiles or non-commercial vans or pick-up trucks shall be placed, parked or stored upon the property or in the common elements for a period of more than 8 hours unless such vehicle is necessary in the actual construction or repair of a structure or for ground maintenance, or if parked within an enclosed garage.

Commercial moving vans, including U-Haul, Penske, etc., may be parked or stored on the property for up to 8 hours while loading or unloading household items. This does not include overnight parking.

Some temporary, overnight parking may be available in the Palm House parking lot for RV's or larger truck parking. Please contact management for information or to make arrangements.



 Q: DOG PARK: What are the hours at the dog park and how do we get in?

A: The two connected dog parks, Big Barks for large dogs and Playful Paws for small dogs are both open during daylight hours. They are located behind the Palm House parking lot, near the tennis courts. 

 Q: DOGS: What are the rules for having a dog?

Pets shall be kept on a leash and accompanied by their owner, except when within a fenced or enclosed area.

Dogs shall not be permitted to bark or otherwise become a nuisance or annoyance to neighbors.

There are no weight or breed restrictions in Grand Palm. 

Pets do not need to register with management.

Dog owners need to pick up their dogs’ waste and dispose of it in the marked receptacles or at their home.



Q: PRESERVE: Can I remove the dead palm fronds from the preserve area?

A: NO.  Sarasota County prohibits us from removing any dead plant material or trimming and clearing any part of the preserve and conservation areas. This applies regardless of location.

One exception is if a limb or plant grows to impede walking on any designated pathway, or overhangs onto any portion of your home or lanai. 




Q: RENT: Am I allowed to rent my home?

A: Renting your property is allowed. No property may be leased/rented for a term of less than 6 months, nor more than twice a year without approval of the Master.


Leases/Rentals. No portion of a Lot or Unit (other than an entire Lot and Unit) may be rented. All leases shall be in writing and shall provide (or be automatically deemed to provide) that the Association shall have the right to terminate the lease in the name of and as agent for the lessor/landlord upon default by lessee/tenant in observing any of the provisions of this Declaration, as same may be amended, the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Association and its applicable rules and regulations or other applicable provisions of any agreement, document or instrument governing the Subdivision or as administered by the Association. The leasing of Lots and Units shall also be subject to the prior written approval of the Association, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld and which shall be deemed given if the Association does not deny approval within fifteen (15) days of its receipt of a written request for approval together with a copy of the proposed lease and all supporting information reasonably requested by the Association. No Unit or Lot may be leased/rented for a term of less than six (6) consecutive months, nor more than twice per year, without (i) written approval of the ARC, which may be granted, withheld, or conditioned at its sole and absolute discretion, or (ii) specific written approval by the Declarant or Developer (which may be granted, withheld, or conditioned at its sole and absolute discretion), which written approval shall be recorded in the Public Records of Manatee County, Florida; provided however, the provisions set forth herein shall not apply to the Developer's leasing of any Unit or Lot owned and/or controlled by Developer.

Owners wishing to lease their Lots and Units (i) shall be required to obtain and provide to the Association a contract for providing landscaping and irrigation services to the Lot or Unit, and (ii) may, if the Board so elects, be required to place in escrow with the Association a sum of up to $500.00 which may be used by the Association to repair any damage to the Common Areas or other portions of the Subdivision resulting from acts or omissions of lessees/ tenants (as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the Association). The Association shall not be required to pay or remit any interest on any such escrowed funds. The Owner will be jointly and severally liable with the tenant to the Association for any amount in excess of such sum that is required by the Association to affect such repairs or to pay any claim for injury or damage to property caused by the negligence of the lessee/tenant. Any balance remaining in the escrow account, less an administrative charge not to exceed $50.00 and exclusive of any interest retained by the Association, shall be returned to the Owner within sixty (60) days after the tenant vacates the Unit. It shall be the Owner's responsibility to require that its tenants comply with this Declaration and all rules and regulations of the Association.